Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I wrote to Mr. Gottlieb, again...

...regarding his criticism of Tim Tebow for participating with Focus On The Family to produce a pro-life Super Bowl ad:

"Subject: Dr. Dobson is a mainstream evangelical

The ad is one in a series of very tasteful pro-life ads. There is nothing controversial about the ad itself. The power of the ad springs from the bare-bones, irrefutable facts as stated!

Tim Tebow has acted consistently with his Christian beliefs - being pro-life & believing that homosexual behaviour is contrary to God's plan for human beings are inherently part of the package. His humanitarian missions work springs from the same well.

Making arguments for traditional marriage is not "hate speech". If voting to exclude same-sex couples from marrying is hateful, then welcome to California, State of Hate!

Besides, do you recognize the irony in your introducing "political" arguments into your sports show by criticizing the airing of "political" ads during the Super Bowl? You said it yourself: 'Let's get back to sports'!"

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