Monday, January 11, 2010

I Guess I Have To Start Liking Pete Carroll Now

I just e-mailed Doug Gottlieb's show (I told you I have no life!); subject: Pete Carroll Downer On Wikipedia. "It must be a drag to have your wikipedia page synopsis suddenly flip from highlighting your 97-19 college, 7-2 bowl record to your 33-31 NFL, 1-2 NFL playoff record!"

Now that he's coaching the SeaDawgs I've got to root for him.  This will require some major internal double-talk.  Part of me wants him to fall flat on his face, really fast, so as not to lose too many seasons, and then see him out the door quickly, and part of me wants to see him have massive USC-like success. Oh, the perils of liking sports too much.  Or not enough.

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