Monday, October 29, 2012

Wow. I just had an encounter with an "average voter" who illustrated to me why it is such an uphill battle to educate the electorate.  This person thought that Mitt Romney's position was to outlaw all abortion, and had attributed Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment to Paul Ryan. That's what the MSM will get you... misinformed masses.
Time to write, it seems to me. If only to say "Wow, it sure is snowing a lot for October!"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mrs. Shrek, found!

She's Anna Cropper, as seen in Lord Peter Wimsey: The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, 1973.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tarzana Joe's Poem of the Week

Competence Is Its Own Reward
By Tarzana Joe

This talk that I lack competence is just a nasty rumor.
I'd laugh at those who say so, if I had a sense of humor.
Confronted with a problem, I think once, and I think twice,
And if I can't resolve it, I ask Biden for advice.
Solutions we come up with I consider fine and dandy,
But for matters of great moment I keep the good book handy.
At bed-time when I hit my knees, I ponder, and I quote it,
And thank the  Lord each evening that Saul Alinsky wrote it.
If I bristle at my critics and come on a little strong,
You have to understand, what I do is never wrong.
I really thought dictators would kowtow and do my bidding,
I vowed to close down Gitmo, you know I was just kidding.
New York's the perfect venue where we'll bring a  sheik to justice,
And I'm doing all I can so Ahmadinejad will trust us.
I've ordered Eric Holder to keep working days and nights,
To round up every terrorist and read them Miranda rights.
The offer I made Sestak shouldn't cause such consternation,
It was all part of the stimulus, a little job creation.
So what if Cajun crawfish have a slightly oily taste,
I could use another crisis which I won't let go to waste.
Yes, into waves of turmoil, I don't hesitate to leap,
It's just I'm only six foot two, and the water's eight feet deep.

(Courtesy of an anonymous reader of Jim Geraghty's Morning Jolt).

Monday, February 15, 2010

Separated at Birth: Wayne Newton & KD Lang

I thought it was soooooo Vegas Kool that Wayne could perform at the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics on Friday night!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I wrote to Mr. Gottlieb, again...

...regarding his criticism of Tim Tebow for participating with Focus On The Family to produce a pro-life Super Bowl ad:

"Subject: Dr. Dobson is a mainstream evangelical

The ad is one in a series of very tasteful pro-life ads. There is nothing controversial about the ad itself. The power of the ad springs from the bare-bones, irrefutable facts as stated!

Tim Tebow has acted consistently with his Christian beliefs - being pro-life & believing that homosexual behaviour is contrary to God's plan for human beings are inherently part of the package. His humanitarian missions work springs from the same well.

Making arguments for traditional marriage is not "hate speech". If voting to exclude same-sex couples from marrying is hateful, then welcome to California, State of Hate!

Besides, do you recognize the irony in your introducing "political" arguments into your sports show by criticizing the airing of "political" ads during the Super Bowl? You said it yourself: 'Let's get back to sports'!"

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Guess I Have To Start Liking Pete Carroll Now

I just e-mailed Doug Gottlieb's show (I told you I have no life!); subject: Pete Carroll Downer On Wikipedia. "It must be a drag to have your wikipedia page synopsis suddenly flip from highlighting your 97-19 college, 7-2 bowl record to your 33-31 NFL, 1-2 NFL playoff record!"

Now that he's coaching the SeaDawgs I've got to root for him.  This will require some major internal double-talk.  Part of me wants him to fall flat on his face, really fast, so as not to lose too many seasons, and then see him out the door quickly, and part of me wants to see him have massive USC-like success. Oh, the perils of liking sports too much.  Or not enough.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Colin Cowherd is losing it he's comparing Colt McCoy going down in the BCS Champ game to potential lead actors turning down good roles in hit movies. Streeeeeeeetching! I must have no life, cuz I wrote him twice this morning:

"You mean Alabama WANTED Texas to be within 3 with 3 minutes left?

A true freshman QB - a FRESHMAN - got his legs under him & moved the ball AT WILL against the "Great" "Bama Defense.  Texas would have CRUSHED Alabama if Colt McCoy hadn't been hurt! That injury could have happened in any game; it had NOTHING to do with some supposedly genetically superior SEC D! As he said himself, he's been hit like that 100 times; it was a freak injury because he happened to have a helmet hit him in the back in just the right way to numb his arm. Alabama's D was EXPOSED by a Frosh QB! (Colt likely wouldn't have had that sack-fumble at the end, either, which was really the key play of the game - & yes, that was a good defensive play, but a rookie mistake)."

"Oh, yeah, & Alabama was cheated of a REAL Nat'l Chmpshp!

Alabama LOST last night. Why? Because once Colt McCoy went down, they couldn't win. If they win the game, it was a cheap win because of a freak injury to the opponent's best player. If they lose, then they were beaten by a freshman QB."

He keeps going on and on about the SEC's record in Bowl Games over the last 10 years. And that is relevant exactly how? Last night was one game. 'Bama got lucky and knocked Peyton Manning out of the game. Fortunately for Texas, Colt's backup wasn't Curtis Painter - but he is a true freshman.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Time To Put Up The Christmas Lights

Actually, it was time 2 weeks ago, but I failed. I have continued to fail ever since. It is Well Past Time. Fortunately it is not nearly as cold as it was on the weekend, only 9F, -13C. 88% humidity, though - unusual for this land at this time of year when it's cold. Blah, blah, blah...

Someplaces in the world are warm, right now.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Off to Disneyland

Tomorrow. Don the Mouse Ears(tm), baby!

...except they'll be West Coast Ears, I believe.