Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Marriage Refresher

So Robin & I are attending a marriage seminar this Friday eve/Saturday morn. Vern & Sue Tompke are leading it, which is quite a kick, since Vern & I went to school together from grade IV on. The first Bible Study I ever went to was led by Vern & Rob Husband, another Canyon Elementary Alum. Unfortunately, they can't stay to watch the Giants get killed by America's Team on Sunday afternoon. Vern was always a Cowboys fan (America's other team), and is responsible in large part for my '80s love of the '9ers - cuz they beat the Cowboys. One of my happiest childhood memories is playing football with Vern and Rob and Gerry Gartland down at the school. Anyway, I sure am looking forward to seeing them. Sue is a Dear, with a wonderful sense of humor, and those Chilliwack Vineyard folks are blessed to have the spiritual leadership of these folks.