Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tarzana Joe's Poem of the Week

Competence Is Its Own Reward
By Tarzana Joe

This talk that I lack competence is just a nasty rumor.
I'd laugh at those who say so, if I had a sense of humor.
Confronted with a problem, I think once, and I think twice,
And if I can't resolve it, I ask Biden for advice.
Solutions we come up with I consider fine and dandy,
But for matters of great moment I keep the good book handy.
At bed-time when I hit my knees, I ponder, and I quote it,
And thank the  Lord each evening that Saul Alinsky wrote it.
If I bristle at my critics and come on a little strong,
You have to understand, what I do is never wrong.
I really thought dictators would kowtow and do my bidding,
I vowed to close down Gitmo, you know I was just kidding.
New York's the perfect venue where we'll bring a  sheik to justice,
And I'm doing all I can so Ahmadinejad will trust us.
I've ordered Eric Holder to keep working days and nights,
To round up every terrorist and read them Miranda rights.
The offer I made Sestak shouldn't cause such consternation,
It was all part of the stimulus, a little job creation.
So what if Cajun crawfish have a slightly oily taste,
I could use another crisis which I won't let go to waste.
Yes, into waves of turmoil, I don't hesitate to leap,
It's just I'm only six foot two, and the water's eight feet deep.

(Courtesy of an anonymous reader of Jim Geraghty's Morning Jolt).