Thursday, November 11, 2004

Back to Reality

So, the Election is over, and the Good Guys won. I find myself thanking God nearly every day for His gift of a second term for President Bush. Whenever I am tempted to gloat, I am snapped to by thankfulness, thankfully. As a result, and due to a lack of time to cruise the blogs, I have not been reading much of the hand-wringing of the Koses and Atrioses of the world. I think this is a good thing. But I have been diligently reading Lileks - (jeepers, I even ordered two copies of his book! One for me, and one for Pops-in-law, the architectural engineering techie consultant) - and he and Hewitt and Ingraham have been helping me to adjust to a world without the tension of an upcoming battle-for-the-ages-that-the-fate-of-the-world-depends-on to ride.

Thankfully, I've been able to take a few days to r&r at my sister's in Kelowna. My bro-in-law got Halo 2 the day it came out, of course, and I'm looking forward to wasting much time with that over the next 3 days. Forget about work for a while, kick back and get healthy after 10 days of strepp throat. It is very nice to have a place to go where you can be at home without being at home!

Saw the in-laws off on the plane this morning on our way out of town. A pretty good visit; they worked their tails off, as usual, but I tried not to feel too guilty, and was generally successful.

I'm hoping to be able to play a bit with Robin's newish digital camera. Maybe I can figure out how to get out of the menu and into picture-taking mode, finally. Hopefully bro-in-law will let me play with his movie camera a little as well, so I can get some footage of the kids before they're all in college. Maybe I'll even post it!

Friday, October 08, 2004


It seems to be a theme, lately. The Surrender-monkeys howl "Eet eez awl a-bowt zee oyl!" Yup. And here. John I-don't-fall-down Kerry: "Mr. Bush can't admit when he is wrong!"

Monday, September 20, 2004

CBC is sooooo funny...

Oh, man, long time no post.

Cruising LGF I found this link to a column on the CBC website by Adrian Dix, Glen Clark's old COS. He is a fellow swamp-dweller, I'm afraid, and I had to tell them so: "Where do you find these people? No wonder the NDP got smoked in the last BC election, and will be smoked again. He needs to clue in to reality: Bush in a LANDSLIDE, likely, barring any horrendous screw-up or disaster. Kerry is "the tall Dukakis": New England liberals don't translate well to the rest of the country. The Democrats have descended into the "Michael Moore fever swamp" and are not coming back any time soon; any time before November 3, anyway."

Sometimes I wonder if lefties are really as computer literate as they are sometimes reputed to be. A few seconds of cruising the blogosphere might clue a fellow like Mr. Dix in, poor deluded man.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Comments to the CBC on their Olympic "attitude"

"I am SICK and TIRED of your smirking anti-American Olympic coverage. The US Mens Basketball team have been pointedly NOT calling themselves the "Dream Team", yet you morons continue to use that epithet. This year's "Dream Team", if you haven't been paying attention, is the US women's softball team. The previous B-ball teams that used that moniker actually devastated their "competition"; this one has known from day one, as has anyone who knows anything about basketball, that they were in for a rough ride. Your snotty coverage makes me ashamed that my tax dollars go to support the Communist Broadcasting Corporation (as if I weren't ashamed of it already). You guys can display a bit of attitude once Canada has earned as many medals, as, say, Australia."

The Tories and Free Speech...

So while I was at it, I thought I might as well let them know what I think of their handling of this one, too:

"I appreciate that Mr. Harper has commented on the CHOI FM controversy, but the weak position taken back in July represents an opportunity lost. The Tories should have jumped right on this issue, arranged to have someone speak at the rallies in Quebec City, and hammered the Liberals on their totalitarian tendencies as effected by the CRTC. This is a great "branding" issue, and I'm afraid that we're past the point of being able to grab ahold of this one; the news cycle has passed us by."

Sham SCC Judicial Appointment Hearing

I dashed off this note this a.m. to the Conservative Party of Canada:

"I am very disturbed by the way the Conservatives on the Justice Committee handled the Supreme Court appointments issue. As it was reported in the media, NOT ONE QUESTION was asked about the appointees - not one. And these are two of the most ultra-liberal appointments ever made. Yes, the process is really the problem, but y'all have been co-opted. Irwin #$%@#!!! Cotler can come out and defend the process now by saying that you folks agreed with it! You'd have been better off taking the fight for a public process into the public domain, and you have GOT to start firing with both barrels at the pathetic quality of these appointments! The liberal-left in this country has successfully re-made the SCC in its own image, to the detriment of the country. The process of appointment review needs to be full, and public, and voted on by Parliament, and the PM needs to be shamed into going that way. The Constitution does not bar such a process, it simply gives the appointment power to the PM. And don't be deterred by shouts of "American style circus!". Senate hearings are not a "circus" - that is simply insulting. Snooty Carolyn Parrish types look down on everything American while ignoring the weaknesses in our clearly inferior system."

If the Tories ever want to form a government with a meaningful mandate they need to work a little harder at forming a clear, coherent, positive alternative vision.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Ironic Democrat Strategy

So I guess the Kerry brain(huh?)-trust figured that if they pitched Kerry as a war hero the GOP wouldn't be able to fire back at him. They were right. The Republicans have been clear; they will not be questioning Kerry's war record. What the Dems didn't figure into the equation was that their support of McCain-Feingold would come back to bite them so badly in the behind. 527s have opened the door to groups like the SwiftVets to punch back, without having to worry about the fallout for their candidate's campaign. Bush can take the high ground while people with real credibility on the issue fire back with both barrels.

But it isn't like they couldn't have seen it coming; Soros' and Hollywood's 527s like et. al. have been busy for months performing the same service - with more money - for their side. In the end they have handed Kerry's critics a free pass to destroy his campaign strategy. Ehhh-xcellent...

And now that the debate is out in the open, others are coming forward to defend the inaccurate statements made about them. Witness Retired Rear Admiral William L. Schachte Jr. and what he said about Kerry's first Purple Heart to Bob Novak here. Kerry forgot about his flanks, having tunnel vision on his opponent; and he wants to be Commander-in-Chief?

Saturday, August 21, 2004

The transition was way too fast...

So I go from watching Tucker Carlson to Bill Moyers in the space of half an hour. Urrgh... motion sickness. TC was viewable, Michelle Malkin and Deroy Murdock, his trademark smirk'n'tie, and then 1/2 an hour later I get this. So I wrote Moyers:

"So, Ms. Jamieson thinks the Times and the Post got the analysis right on the Swift Boat Vets thing, eh? And which planet is she living on, exactly? The mainstream press has been pretending for two weeks that the facts in the "Kerry in Cambodia" lie-fest are unverifiable... yet if one actually does some simple fact-checking, one will come to the inescapable conclusion that the Swift Boat Vets for Truth are right, and Kerry is a LIAR. HE HAS ADMITTED THAT HE LIED ABOUT CAMBODIA. WHAT MORE DO YOU LIBERAL NUTBARS WANT?! The record is clear: Kerry is a serial liar, for his own aggrandisement. Why don't you ask a tough question for once in your life, Mr. Moyers? Ever challenge a guest? EVER?! Face it, the mainstream press has BLOWN IT on the Swift Vets issue. Having missed the boat, as it were, the big papers are now trying to pretend that it is a non-story, or, if there is a story there at all, that it is about Republican shenanigans in the 527 realm. For shame, Big Media. For shame, Bill Moyers. For shame, Jim Lehrer. I'm getting my news in the Blogosphere from here on in - at least they get the point and have their facts straight."

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Uh-oh, now I've done it...

Just what I need. Another excuse to avoid work. Must... dictate... oh, to heck with it! Hewitt is on, and I just caught the end of Steyn. Find some light, brainless work... maybe I'll read some stuff by this guy... he must be a thinker, he has a thinking cap...