Friday, January 08, 2010

Colin Cowherd is losing it he's comparing Colt McCoy going down in the BCS Champ game to potential lead actors turning down good roles in hit movies. Streeeeeeeetching! I must have no life, cuz I wrote him twice this morning:

"You mean Alabama WANTED Texas to be within 3 with 3 minutes left?

A true freshman QB - a FRESHMAN - got his legs under him & moved the ball AT WILL against the "Great" "Bama Defense.  Texas would have CRUSHED Alabama if Colt McCoy hadn't been hurt! That injury could have happened in any game; it had NOTHING to do with some supposedly genetically superior SEC D! As he said himself, he's been hit like that 100 times; it was a freak injury because he happened to have a helmet hit him in the back in just the right way to numb his arm. Alabama's D was EXPOSED by a Frosh QB! (Colt likely wouldn't have had that sack-fumble at the end, either, which was really the key play of the game - & yes, that was a good defensive play, but a rookie mistake)."

"Oh, yeah, & Alabama was cheated of a REAL Nat'l Chmpshp!

Alabama LOST last night. Why? Because once Colt McCoy went down, they couldn't win. If they win the game, it was a cheap win because of a freak injury to the opponent's best player. If they lose, then they were beaten by a freshman QB."

He keeps going on and on about the SEC's record in Bowl Games over the last 10 years. And that is relevant exactly how? Last night was one game. 'Bama got lucky and knocked Peyton Manning out of the game. Fortunately for Texas, Colt's backup wasn't Curtis Painter - but he is a true freshman.

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