Monday, September 14, 2009

Sgt. Joe Friday takes Barry O to the Woodshed

Taylor Swift v. Kanye West

As Posted On Facebook (APOF):

As I said, what a surprise, a rapper is a jerk! Taylor Swift rocks.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Golden Book III: RCA Radiola Super-Heterodyne!

Go for broke! Spring for the $690 model - you won't be replacing it for 10 years, & you can use all those profits from your new investments in bonds! (click on the image to enlarge).

Golden Book II: Bulls, Bears, & Bonds

A column from the December, 1929 edition, for your consideration, (with bonus ads!)(click on the image to enlarge):

New Post Because I Left My URL Somewhere - Therefore Golden Book I

Like, I left it on the TEMS (The Ed Morrissey Show) chat feed, so I'd better post something. Hopefully I'll be doing a bunch of these over the next while, as I've got a ton of material. I came into possession of an almost-complete set of Golden Book magazines recently, and they have some interesting stuff in 'em, & not just the ads, either. Here's the first cover to be posted:

There is an article inside called "Bulls, Bears & Bonds", in the "Investment Trends" column. I expect this magazine went to print in November, so it was written hard on the heels of The Crash. I'll post that later... & bigger, too, I hope.
Update: Just click on the image, & it will be bigger! It's magic!