Monday, September 20, 2004

CBC is sooooo funny...

Oh, man, long time no post.

Cruising LGF I found this link to a column on the CBC website by Adrian Dix, Glen Clark's old COS. He is a fellow swamp-dweller, I'm afraid, and I had to tell them so: "Where do you find these people? No wonder the NDP got smoked in the last BC election, and will be smoked again. He needs to clue in to reality: Bush in a LANDSLIDE, likely, barring any horrendous screw-up or disaster. Kerry is "the tall Dukakis": New England liberals don't translate well to the rest of the country. The Democrats have descended into the "Michael Moore fever swamp" and are not coming back any time soon; any time before November 3, anyway."

Sometimes I wonder if lefties are really as computer literate as they are sometimes reputed to be. A few seconds of cruising the blogosphere might clue a fellow like Mr. Dix in, poor deluded man.