Saturday, August 21, 2004

The transition was way too fast...

So I go from watching Tucker Carlson to Bill Moyers in the space of half an hour. Urrgh... motion sickness. TC was viewable, Michelle Malkin and Deroy Murdock, his trademark smirk'n'tie, and then 1/2 an hour later I get this. So I wrote Moyers:

"So, Ms. Jamieson thinks the Times and the Post got the analysis right on the Swift Boat Vets thing, eh? And which planet is she living on, exactly? The mainstream press has been pretending for two weeks that the facts in the "Kerry in Cambodia" lie-fest are unverifiable... yet if one actually does some simple fact-checking, one will come to the inescapable conclusion that the Swift Boat Vets for Truth are right, and Kerry is a LIAR. HE HAS ADMITTED THAT HE LIED ABOUT CAMBODIA. WHAT MORE DO YOU LIBERAL NUTBARS WANT?! The record is clear: Kerry is a serial liar, for his own aggrandisement. Why don't you ask a tough question for once in your life, Mr. Moyers? Ever challenge a guest? EVER?! Face it, the mainstream press has BLOWN IT on the Swift Vets issue. Having missed the boat, as it were, the big papers are now trying to pretend that it is a non-story, or, if there is a story there at all, that it is about Republican shenanigans in the 527 realm. For shame, Big Media. For shame, Bill Moyers. For shame, Jim Lehrer. I'm getting my news in the Blogosphere from here on in - at least they get the point and have their facts straight."

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