Friday, August 27, 2004

Ironic Democrat Strategy

So I guess the Kerry brain(huh?)-trust figured that if they pitched Kerry as a war hero the GOP wouldn't be able to fire back at him. They were right. The Republicans have been clear; they will not be questioning Kerry's war record. What the Dems didn't figure into the equation was that their support of McCain-Feingold would come back to bite them so badly in the behind. 527s have opened the door to groups like the SwiftVets to punch back, without having to worry about the fallout for their candidate's campaign. Bush can take the high ground while people with real credibility on the issue fire back with both barrels.

But it isn't like they couldn't have seen it coming; Soros' and Hollywood's 527s like et. al. have been busy for months performing the same service - with more money - for their side. In the end they have handed Kerry's critics a free pass to destroy his campaign strategy. Ehhh-xcellent...

And now that the debate is out in the open, others are coming forward to defend the inaccurate statements made about them. Witness Retired Rear Admiral William L. Schachte Jr. and what he said about Kerry's first Purple Heart to Bob Novak here. Kerry forgot about his flanks, having tunnel vision on his opponent; and he wants to be Commander-in-Chief?

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