Saturday, August 28, 2004

Sham SCC Judicial Appointment Hearing

I dashed off this note this a.m. to the Conservative Party of Canada:

"I am very disturbed by the way the Conservatives on the Justice Committee handled the Supreme Court appointments issue. As it was reported in the media, NOT ONE QUESTION was asked about the appointees - not one. And these are two of the most ultra-liberal appointments ever made. Yes, the process is really the problem, but y'all have been co-opted. Irwin #$%@#!!! Cotler can come out and defend the process now by saying that you folks agreed with it! You'd have been better off taking the fight for a public process into the public domain, and you have GOT to start firing with both barrels at the pathetic quality of these appointments! The liberal-left in this country has successfully re-made the SCC in its own image, to the detriment of the country. The process of appointment review needs to be full, and public, and voted on by Parliament, and the PM needs to be shamed into going that way. The Constitution does not bar such a process, it simply gives the appointment power to the PM. And don't be deterred by shouts of "American style circus!". Senate hearings are not a "circus" - that is simply insulting. Snooty Carolyn Parrish types look down on everything American while ignoring the weaknesses in our clearly inferior system."

If the Tories ever want to form a government with a meaningful mandate they need to work a little harder at forming a clear, coherent, positive alternative vision.

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