Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sam's Conquering of A.L.L.

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Maggie said...

Hi Sam,

I am a Goertzen, just like you. Your grandpa, George Goertzen, is my former husband's uncle. So I have called him Uncle George for many years. Please say hi to your grandpa and grandma for me. My name is Maggie.

I was glad to see all the pictures of you, because I don't think we've ever met. I have been to your grandpa's home in B.C., but only once. Anyway, you have a winning smile, Sam. And your grandpa has told us how brave you've been through everything. That can't be easy, I know. (I'm a nurse.)

I wish you smooth sailing these next few months and years. We'll all just have to visualize you healthy and strong and having a blast at the cottage you love to go to in the summers. What is it that your grandpa said you love to do - water-boarding or something like that? I will picture you doing that with great abandon and joy and radiant good health!

You're in my thoughts and prayers these days, Sam. And I'm glad that you're sharing your journey. Because even though I am a stranger to you, I will be behind you 100% in spirit, ok?

Take good care,
Maggie Goertzen

Kate said...

Hi, Maggie,

My name is Kate Goertzen, I am Sam;s older sister, I just wanted to give you an update on him beucase I was looking at his blog tongiht and whenever I type in to try to find his blog I can only find it though this particular blog, If I remember when I see sam again I will show him this, I doubt he has ever seen it... But I thank you for your prayers, they certinaly were answered by God. Sam is healthy and 15 years old now. On May 15 this year it marked 4 years to the day he was diagnosed. He is and always will be my liitle hero.