Monday, March 24, 2008

GPs going home, Happy Resurrection Day, Off to Kelowna Tomorrow...

...but not Robin. She has decided that she has too much work to do. A part of me is in slight panic mode, and has been disconcerted all weekend long, as I am leaving my work for 3 1/2 days. I'll go in for a 1/2 day tomorrow, then drive to Cache Creek or Kamloops in the afternoon... but I feel like there are too many things to get done here! Oh, well, sometimes it is really good to have a forced vacation. Robin just decided yesterday that she wasn't going to be coming, so here I go with the kids. Once we're on the road it'll be Grand, but the pre-trip anxiety is no fun. Of course, I was kind of ambivalent about the trip in the first place, so it is kind of ironic that I would end up going as the lone adult, now... sigh. Tally Ho!

Interesting to surf around on a Monday that is a holiday here, but not everywhere... and the kids on a two week break, too. Like Christmas!

To end, memories of Dinner with the GPs last Tuesday. (Robin was there, but apparently didn't make the phone video!)

Sorry, the sound really sucks - stupid treo 650 vidcam! Time to upgrade. The dessert Nick & Nat are eating is chocolate caramel spring rolls - yummy!

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