Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ducks the first Westcoast team to win the Stanley Cup!?!?!?

My letter to Jason Smith at "Allnight" on ESPN: 'Umm... you said it, as did your news guy. In fact, the Victoria Cougars won the Stanley Cup in 1923, and last I checked Victoria is on the Wet Coast. The Victoria Cougars, by the way, are now the Prince George Cougars, who made it to the third round of the WHL playoffs this year before being summarily dismissed by the eventual Memorial Cup Champion Vancouver Giants. Vancouver, of course, itself a West Coast City, won Lord Stanley's Silver in 1915, with the Millionaires: "The Vancouver Millionaires (1911 to 1922) were a professional ice hockey team in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association for Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They won the Stanley Cup (the only Vancouver team to win the Stanley Cup) in 1915, defeating the Ottawa Senators 3 games to 0. They played for the cup in 1918, 1921, and in 1922. Their jerseys were maroon with a white V, with Vancouver spelled down one side of the V and up the other. The home arena of the Millionaires was the Denman Arena, one of the first artificial ice surfaces in Canada. Hall of Famers Fred "Cyclone" Taylor and Didier Pitre played for the Millionaires.

In 1922 the team changed its name to the Vancouver Maroons (1922 to 1926). They continued to play in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association until 1924 when they then joined the Western Canada Hockey League upon the merger of the two leagues. The team finally folded in 1926." - Wikipedia.'

Three cheers for the Ducks, by the way. They are soooo much kooler than the Sens.

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ofvnlvn9 said...

Seattle Metropolitans won the Stanley Cup in 1917 won have won it the next year but cup called of due to flu epidemic
Lon nelson
Palm Springs, CA